What will happen to us before 2030

What will happen to us before 2030

Do you remember yourself 10 or many years ago? The world around you was too different from now. the 21st century is the age of fast technological progress and we are advancing at a mind blowing rate. so what do you think what will happen to us in 2030? it's only a little bit more than 10 years from now. so lets begin.

  Artificial intelligence will make huge step forward in 10 years time. The Ai will not only be able to answer simple questions and follow your instructions but it will also become deeper and more inquisitive itself. It will maybe even be able to talk to you not like alexa or siri does today. perhaps it will become everyone's ultimate helper.Medicine won't stay where it is either. even now more and more advancements are made in this crucial field and in 10 years. doctors and Scientists will find solutions to the most important issues we are currently facing. this include a cure for cancer and aids diabetes and many more conditions that have plagued humans for a long time. but it not easy as it sounds and it wont be cheap at first but the main thing is that answers will be found and the rest is a matter of time. Plastic will finally become a thing of the past. the same thomson reuters report says that by 2025 biodegradable materials based on cellulose will replace plastic packing for all purpose. no more littering the soil and the oceans.and the new material will feel like plastic by the way, so you wont even notice the difference. Entertainment  become even more diverse with the growth in popularity of space tourism. Entrepreneurs like Elon musk are only getting ready to launch there first space based tours. and they will only be affordable for the wealthiest. but 2030 the cost of it will slowly start to decrease as the whole process will become more easily performed.

   5G mobile internet will be a common thing in most technologically advanced countries. 4G and 3G  takes up to long time to download a movie from the web. but 5G takes it to a whole new level downloading the same movie within few seconds. the connection speed of this network is simply astounding and it allows all kinds of things to be done. Robots will take over the most menial jobs on the market. everything that can be done by robots will not require human assistance any more. in some spheres these robotic workers wont be completely autonomous. but they will have be manipulated by the people either directly or by programming them to do the stuff. that will open new jobs so no need to robots will take away from us and  add to the unemployment rate. Solar panels will beat fossil fuels in energy output. becoming the largest source of energy on the planet. researchers from thomson reuters are sure this will happen because of new and modernized materials. those solar panels will be able to absorb much more sun light. Teleportation & time travel wont be a myth any more. scientists have recently discovered the quantum teleportation is possible while others made an experiment where particles returned to their previous state makeing seem like time traveling for them. the researchers stress that quantum experiments cant prove that these things can actually be repeated in the material world.

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