5 Future Technologies That Really Exist In Future

5 Future Technologies That Really Exist In Future

Quantum computing

        Today's super smart computers are ridiculously powerful. the way things are going they look down right quaint that's because the next generation of computing and quantum computers is on the way and that will revolutionize how we compute in ways today's  machines could only dream on in a nutshell a quantum computer can combine zeros and ones of binary computing into an infinite different combinations called quits, this means a quantum computer can process information at speeds unheard of today's computers. this could be both a good thing and an extremely thing to play the pessimist quantum computers are so fast and more complex  that could possibly hack countless password within second.

Computers in your bloodstream

        Remember when computers were the size of walking closets now we can fit in an computer in to a phone. that slides in and snugs in to your pocket. what's more we actually have some computers that are so small that they can fit into our bodies and work the fight disease such as parkinson's. but we are not stopping there in the next 50 years quite possibly sooner we will likely shrink the technology even further to the point that ware we can get straight in to our blood the potential for machines smaller than our blood sells is enormous. we could send them in to diseased blood streams.

Air travel will be so much more than awesome

        Air travels is just over a hundred years old and it's evolved and extremely rapid thanks but there's still a lot more that  can be improved that means flying around in 2080 will be so much better than in 2020. some of possibilities include automatically shifting seats based on how many people are on plane. which would solve the number one  complaint of air travel not enough legroom. while this idea may only work when flight are not completely booked. it's only a matter of time before we figure out how to adjust the seats to satisfy the legs on fully booked plane. beyond that the biggest change would be the simple speed. the first planes could only go few miles per hour. today's planes can reach speed close to 600 miles per hour there is no reason to think that in 50 years we will be calling even faster and we maybe able to go from one end of the world to another in just few hours. improving in flight meals and making bathroom bigger and those kind of  challenges may require couple more centuries.

Virtual work space

       Real life holograms really do exist though they are mainly archival footage of music stars like tupac that seemed to make it as if we are watching them live. soon enough though there is gonna be all kind of technologies that wont be combined a fictional entertainment. maybe able to conduct meetings without employees present that's already a possibility thinks of skype another such meeting  programs but the next level would be to  involve your boss virtually appearing in your home via hologram and speaking to you live. that would make telecommunicator already an increasingly popular activity a reality for so many more workers.

Traveling will be completely different

      I mention advances in air travel recently but there is so much more to the future of travel than just our cars which have gone from glorified buggies to sleek and smart super vehicles and this will change dramatically in next fifty years and for the better. the single change will be drive less cars which is already  a thing able it be a prototype and stages companies like uber are experimenting with driver less vehicles and also have a ton of potential be safer than vehicles controlled by silly humans.

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