Why Formula One Cars Don't Have Airbags

Why Formula One Cars Don't Have Airbags
       Formula cars have huge chance to crash but no airbags in there. where would you fit an airbag in these type of cars. Steering wheel? that's where the problem starts, formula drivers are very meticulous people and they won't settle for less than steering wheel with more than a dozen switches and controllers. these wheels alone costs a whopping $60,000. but returning to formula steering wheels theses simply no way an airbag could placed in. and even if it did the cocpit of the vehicle is so tiny that an activated airbag would probably smother the driver death. actually no matter how it may seem. safety is paramount in formula one. formula one have not one seat belt but two shoulder straps one or two leg straps and two pelvic straps. in fact the drivers are so bundled up that they have just enough freedom to steer and reach for different mysterious buttons and switches. in fact drivers are positioned in their seats so tightly  that they can't even fasten all these seat belts on their own. anyone must do it for them. on the other hand if there's an emergency an formula driver can leave the vehicle within five seconds. but how? the trick is that they can release all the strips with the single twist of one hand. and since the primary purpose of the airbag is not let the driver's head hit the front of the car you can imagine why an formula car wouldn't need one. there's no chance for its driver
to get flung forward or out disintegrates. but even then the driver would stay in a rigid survival cell designed to protect the person in case of a bad crash. and we mustn't forget about formula one drivers sensational  helmets. these helmets must go through serious trials. for example a helmet has to withstand a penetration test. when a 3 Kg pointed metel object gets dropped onto the helmet from the height of 10 ft. also designers test the helmet's chin strap which shouldn't stretch by more than one inch. then they bombard the visor with projectiles that travel at the speed of about 483 kph. and after that they hit the helmet with an almost (815 celcius) flame for 45 seconds. the temperature  inside the helmet at this time mustn't be higher 70 celcius.  these super helmets sound exciting. but there are even more amazing formula one facts.
      The tires of a formula one car rotate so fast that they get blazing-hot during racing. if you manage to get close to an formula one car after the race is over don't touch it's tire. the temperature will be about 120 celcius. which is enough to boil water or fry  an egg. during the race the tires lose about 1 pound of weight because of the wear. and while the lifespan of an average tire reaches 13,000 to 35,000 miles. an formula one tire only serves for an a maximum 62 miles. to make a formula one racing car you need to put together more than 80,000 components. formula brake system made from an indestructible kind of carbon fiber. the formula one car disc allow the vehicle to come full speed to a complete halt in a mere 4 seconds by the way in this case the discs heat up to 1,100 celcius. and that's the temperature of molten lava. the formula cars have wings that create a powerful down force pushing them on to he track. and that's what allows the cars to take corners so fast. in fact the down word force is so  strong that at a speed of 240 kph. it takes just 3 seconds for the pit to change the tires and refuel a formula one. the average basic cost of a formula one car about $10,000,000. the car engine alone can cost from $7,000,000 to $8,000,000. a fuel tank price tag varies from &100,000 to $140,000. and you will pay $220,000 for the cooling system. and $250,000 for the transmission. these cars can reach a whopping speed of 234 kph.

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