05 Illegal Things You Do Every Day

05 Illegal Things You Do Every Day

01.Torrent Downloading 

      Downloading torrents isn't it awesome that you can find pretty much everything on torrent website and easily download it within a couple of clicks. well as convenient and entertaining as it may be to download free movies or any other torrent files like you're completely breaking the law. you can't legally watch movies without paying for them and this rule also goes for every single torrent file. simply speaking if the item is copyrighted and you're not the owner of it then downloading it for free is 100% against the law. you can even be caught by so called copyright trolls who locate torrent downloaders through their IP addresses. so think twice before download it. and try 
to get your hands on whatever interests you legally.

02.Connecting To Public WI-FI

     All of us have used public wifi before i mean let's be real sometimes we go to a place just for the free internet connection it's just so easy to find which is exactly why it's hart believe that it can be illegal. if we're talking about public wifi you have to have the providers  permission. and follow the terms of service to use it legally. as for personal open public wifi sources you know like your neighbors unprotected wifi account that you of course never touched it's completely illegal to access someone's connection without permission. because it means that you're using a service that someone else is paying for absolutely free of charge there have even been people arrested for using public wifi without authorization. so take this into consideration next time you connect to public wifi connection.

03. Using A Fake Name In Online

     Sometimes it just seems way easier to type name of your favorite movie character or singer when you're setting up an account online. but easy doesn't mean legal. people even create a fake id or using a wrong name both of which are totally against the law. not that many people are aware but faking your name or id can sent you to prison for 5 to 20 years. using a fake name is considered hacking because you didn't correctly authorize yourself as a computer owner some even take it to a whole another level and create a fake account under other people's names out of the revenge or simply to mock them.which is wrong not only on a moral level but also according to the law. that's why next time you  setting up anything online just use your real name and be yourself.

04. Texting While Driving

       This one is the probably the biggest and most serious offence on our list. texting while driving is bad idea for so many reasons it's  not that comfortable it's dangerous and its illegal. even if you are an experienced driver and have lightning fast thumbs it's still better to pull over to type that text message or simply wait until you get to where you are going before you write and send it in the USA the situation is very clear. texting while driving is strictly prohibited in 41 states. that means that if you get caught get ready to pay fine and have points docked your driving record because this is a primary offence. well that's pretty harash right so whats the big deal. don't forget  that when you are driving a vehicle you are operating a huge heavy hunk of metal going at high speeds. and it requires your undivided attention.  it's not only yourself you should be thinking about but also other people and the statistics aren't very promising the number of distraction related crashes keeps increasing every year. so let's change that and drive attentively and responsibly.

05. Recording Skype Conversations

      Milliones of people all over the world use skype. it's no wonder why it's convenient easy to use and most of it's main functions are free and most important of all it helps us keep in touch with friends family and even co-workers when distance separates us. however sometimes skype can be a bit tricky because every user can easily record a private conversation without other person knowing about it. according to the law doing this is illegal in most countries. you cant record without other person's consent some countries the same principle applies to phone calls as well. it's illegal to record them without both parties knowing about it. so respect other peoples privacy and don't record skype

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