Drone Technology And How Do Drones Work


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    What is a drone, and how to work it. You can easy to understand read this article. Drone technology is constantly evolving technology as we know. Below, we are discuss how to work drones, price ranges, and which cases for use it.One of the most popular drones on the market is the DJI phantom series. this kind of drones most popular for cinematography.  In the moment of writing this article, most advanced and drones have came to the market. Such as DJI mavic 2, phantom 4 pro, mavic air, Inspire 2. So i've  included these latest drone technologies in the below article.

How to work drones

      Unmanned aerial vehicles, commonly know as "DRONES" are remotely controlled aerial  vehicles. Drones are looks like simple technology but the drones actually carrying a complex technology inside.It is actually using multi propeller system. Drones that posses large number of motors inside. it will gain more control over their elevation and more carrying capacity. Therefore more propellers are very useful for drones. Drones are equipped with different types of cameras such as video cameras, infrared cameras and laser systems. It will use for videography and military. 

Types of Drones

  1. Multi Rotor Drones
  2. Fixed Wing Drones
  3. Single Rotor Drones
  4. Fixed Wing Hybrid Drones

Multi Rotor Drones

     Multi rotor drones are the most common types of drones which used by professionals and hobbyists alike. This types of drones are use for aerial photography, aerial videography and etc.
Different types of products are available  in this segment in the market. (price range: 50 USD to 400 USD)

Fixed wings drones

    This type of drones using fixed wings like normal airplanes. But this drones cant stand still on the air. Most wing drones have an average flying time of a couple of hours. Gas engine powered drones can fly up to 15 hours. these drones can not be used for aerial photography. (price range: 5000 USD to 25000 USD)

Single Rotor Drones

   Single rotor drones look very similar in design and structure to actual helicopters. It has big sized propeller. But the large sized rotor blades often pose a risk. (price range: 500 USD to 3000 USD)

Up coming drone technologies

      By the future drones will evolve 
  •  transportation
  •  researching
  •  medical industry
  •  drone delivery
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