A Day Of Future (Technology Predictions of 2049)

Technology Predictions of 2049
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We are living in a quickly improveing world at all time.What are we thinking about technology. It can be change our life, nature and everything. What do you think about technology it will save us or destruction us. Meybe the world will surrender to technology. That day will control our world by AI ROBOTS OR PROGRAMS. But we can't get away from technology because technology has already become our life partner. We must use it safely because it is our duty... Then we can talk about technology predictions of 2049.


                                   According to business insider Space tourism could be feasible in 2050. But likely only for the very wealthy .We are already exploring space but space traveling is our next step. It is a dream that is coming true because of  "ELON MUSK" During a live event Elon musk said "To become a space-based civilisation is to make space travel like air travel.when you fly a plane, you fly it many times as it is reusable the same thing is required for space travel"  Accordingly we can travel to space in 2050.

nano Bots

                     Encompassing nano scale science, engineering technology, nanotechnology involves imaging, measuring, modeling and manipulating matter at this length scale. A nano meter is one-billionth of a meter.
                                                                                                                                                     nano technology can help us with Medicine to treat hard to reach places in human body, and cancers. Next thing is nano bots are connect our brain and control smart devices with our brain directly. That thing is very important for us to manege our busy life. It will be real in 2050.

Self-driving vehicles

                                  Self-driving vehicles are will be our future transport method as well as other technologies. already experimenting about it Tesla, Google and some companies. This technology will help to mange our time and efficient. This vehicles will make driving safer through automated driving. 

Future cloths

                          Future smart cloths can give super powers to human like water proof, improve strength. We already had saw cloths like these in movies. these cloths will be real in 2050. 

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